American eight to 12 year-olds average just under five hours of screen time a day, while U.S. teens average nearly seven hours. That nugget comes from a 2019 report from Common Sense ( 2F2019-census-8-to-18-full-report-updated.pdf) .

Aviation Safety wants to offer kids interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) a chance to use some of that screen time productively and with an aviation twist. That opportunity will be provided with the return of the AVS STEM Career Symposium
( on April 29, this time as a virtual event for middle and high school students nation-wide.

The Career Symposium will include multiple guest speakers, interactive visual presentations, STEM engagement activities and opportunities for students to talk one-on one with AVS professionals. Participating students will learn about exciting AVS careers such as aviation safety inspectors, aerospace engineers, medical officers, pilots and mathematicians. Special guests include the DC Flight Club, Code Ninjas, University of Maryland Robotics Team and United Airlines.

We’re looking to attract and register as many participants as possible to take part in this enriching interactive day-long event. CLICK HERE
( to learn more about the AVS STEM Career Symposium and how you can get involved or share information with young people in your life interested in STEM.

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